Local TV Reporter Takes A Cheap Shot At The President (VIDEO)

So what does a nationally unknown TV reporter do when he’s given a chance to interview the President of the United States? If he’s a slug like Larry Connors of KMOV in St. Louis, he tries to take full advantage of the opportunity to promote himself. To hell with the President; to hell with reputable journalism.

Connors’ questions to the President were noticeably hostile from the outset. If you didn’t know he was a reporter for local TV station you might have thought you were listening to one of those “fair and balanced” professional demagogues at Fox Noise.

e.g., “Mr. President, aren’t you trying to play class-warfare by suggesting that the rich need to pay more in taxes?” “And how much money will actually be raised by increasing taxes on the rich?”

If you weren’t quite sure yet of Connors’ intentions, he fully exposed his less than professional agenda by asking the President how he can justify his family’s “jetting around vacations” in these hard financial times. Because as we all know, previous Presidents in general, and Republican Presidents in particular, would never take long weekends or vacations out of town during their terms in office. Does anyone remember that George W. Bush actually spent less time at the White House than he did on vacation or just laying low at his ranch in Texas?

Here’s the video:

After seeing Connors’ “gottcha” performance as a journalist, I couldn’t resist digging up his email address and posing a few questions to him:

[email protected]

Dear Mr. Conners,

Depending upon a person’s political agenda, you are either to be commended or vilified for that half-assed effort to try and embarrass the President of the United States. As I writer myself, I would like to pose three questions to you if I may:
1. Tell the truth if you dare: Are you a tea-bagger, birther Republican who couldn’t resist the opportunity to try and play “gottcha” with the President of the United States?
2. Are you another loyal paid-stooge for the 1%? (Getting a little cash on the side from the Koch boys or one of those rich political action committees who now enjoy the same status in America as a human being?)
3. Would you like to leave St. Louis behind and hit the big time as another 2nd rate rabble rouser posing as a journalist on Fox Noise?

Regardless, you are obviously neither very objective nor very professional. BTW, I challenge you to produce half a dozen viewers who prior to today, actually complained to you about the first family “jetting around on vacation.”

Yours truly,

Mitchell S. Gilbert