Grand Delusions – Glenn Beck Delivers His Show From Fake ‘Oval Office’ Set

Former FOX personality and Teletubbie look-alike Glenn Beck has taken his delirium to the next step and built a set that closely resembles the Oval Office. Mr. Beck plans to deliver his three to four minute long speeches in what he announced will be “Reagan-esque in tone” on his GBTV show. Mr Beck will be giving his weekly speeches to say “the things we wish the President would say to the American people – or the things he should say.”

This isn’t the first time he’s done so. Last year, he threw together a makeshift Oval Office set to proclaim his solidarity with the Japanese people in the wake of the disaster in that country. According to Beck, President Obama’s speech regarding the disaster was tepid and wouldn’t rally people to donate to private charities. So he got out there and did the job himself!

The sane mind reels at the hubris and downright insanity evoked by the image of Glenn Beck in the Oval Office. The truth, though, is what Beck REALLY wants is to re-enact that famous scene from Superman II.

In your dreams, Glenn. In your dreams!

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