March 2012 Jobs Up By 200,000

Good news folks, the jobs report for March 2012 is out and according to the National Unemployment Report, we exceeded the projected growth of 200,000 jobs to achieve an actual increase of 209,000 private sector jobs last month. On Friday the US Department of Labor will release another report, the Non-Farm Payroll Report, should confirm that March was the third consecutive month of our economy adding more than 200,000 private sector jobs.

At this time I’d like to address something I heard yesterday, on the Today Show. Sarah Palin spouted some nonsense about President Obama’s “socialist agenda” and how our economy isn’t recovering fast enough. She railroaded through questions designed to make her admit that we are actually in a strong recovery and insisted on repeating lies from the right-wing handbook. The fact is, that Sarah is a pit bull with lipstick in that she’s unpredictable in what she’ll latch on to and once she does, it’s impossible to get her to let go. She, and her devoted fans’ devotion to propagating lies about our president being a socialist while being unable to define the word socialism would be laughable were it not for the fact that these people vote.

It is important to actually sit down and talk about this job growth for what it is, a truthful, valid, measurable way of showing that our nation is in fact recovering, and it is a strong recovery at that. Let’s step back and look to April of 2009 when they made this same monthly report on jobs. Remember, this was just 70 days into the presidency of Barack Obama, and at that time we lost 663,000 jobs in the during the month of March alone. In fact, it’s estimated that during the first three months of 2009, our nation hemorrhaged about 1,961,00 jobs.

Do the math here folks. Before we had working Obama economic policy in place, the stimulus for example, we managed to lose nearly two million jobs in three months. Now that we are three years into his presidency, and we have had time to benefit from his changes in policy, we gained about 600,000 jobs over that same period of time. Think about it this way; we aren’t just 200,000 jobs better since February 2012… we are 800,000 jobs better in March 2012 than we were in March 2009.

So, Sarah, I ask you… Are we really that bad off? Are Obama’s policies really hurting us that much? I don’t think so. The president and his policies have been doing what we asked of him by setting us on the right path again. Recovery has moved slowly for some but it moves surely and this is better for all. Really, he warned us it’d be this way when he said, “It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.” and I for one believe him. Anybody who’d take an increase of 200,000 jobs over a loss of 600,000 ought to believe him too.

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