Donald Trump Sexually Harasses Nation By Offering To Show His ‘Very Very’ Impressive Genitals

In what context is it ever appropriate for a man to offer to ‘whip it out’ in a public forum? Anthony Weiner and Brett Favre were publicly shamed and put out of jobs for showing theirs to select audiences, yet when Donald Trump offers to show his to attorney Gloria Allred, it’s just Trump being Trump.

The threat offer came amid the dust-up surrounding the transgendered Miss Universe contestant, Jenna Talackova. Allred is representing Talackova, who was earlier kicked out of the pageant, with the argument that contestants must be “natural-born women,” although it states nothing of the sort in the rules. In a comment to Trump, the head of the organization that runs the pageant, Allred said that Talackova, “didn’t ask Mr. Trump to prove he’s a naturally born man, or see photos of his birth, or to view his anatomy … It made no difference to her.”

So of course, the natural response to not being asked to produce his junk is to offer to produce his junk…if Allred pays him. (What? Isn’t that prostitution? Isn’t that against the law?) Later, just in case there was any question, Trump called into TMZ just to say, “I think Gloria would be very very impressed with [my penis].”

Thank you for clearing that up Donald. The only thing more important to the minds of Americans than the size of Donald Trump’s bank account is the size of his penis.

What’s even more interesting is the relationship that Trump has with Mitt Romney. They both have money and lots of it and they both seem to love to fire people, but that’s where the similarities seem to end. Romney reeks of country clubs, horses, yachts and old money. Trump seems like he would reek of strippers, cigars and undoubtedly, too much cologne. From Politico:

DONALD TRUMP, who publicly contemplated his own run for the White House, is gaining juice and respectability in national politics as a top Mitt Romney surrogate. The flamboyant magnate will record a robo-call for Romney in Ohio ahead of Tuesday’s primary, as he did for the Michigan primary (with his own last-minute touches to the script). Trump has done a ton of talk radio for Romney in Michigan, Arizona and Ohio, and got a “thank-you” at the top of Ann Romney’s primary-night remarks in Michigan.

–Romney national press secretary Andrea Saul told us: “Mr. Trump has been a tremendous help to the campaign in very important states. We are so appreciative of all of the time he has devoted to helping elect Gov. Romney president despite his very busy schedule.”

In a campaign where Romney is losing women faster than Bain Capital sheds jobs, an alliance with the thrice married proud misogynist could prove to be just one more nail in Romney’s general election coffin.