Chevy Volt Production Will Resume A Week Early On Strong March Sales

General Motors raised a few eyebrows in early March when they announced production of the Chevy Volt was going to be sidelined for five weeks. The announcement came at a time when conservative pundits and GOP presidential candidates, most notably Newt Gingrich, were disparaging the Chevy Volt as a way of attacking President Obama. After all, the president is the socialist king-pin who proved market exuberance occasionally requires a correcting force only possible by government intervention. This is unacceptable to the free-market capitalists so they resort to childish verbal assaults on a mass-produced American-made automobile. Gingrich believes it was a huge mistake when the Chevy Volt designers neglected to include space for a gun rack. Mitt Romney just today said “I’m not sure America was ready for the Chevy Volt.” Funny Mitt, most of America feels the same way about you.

I’ll take it as a protest against GOP nonsense that a record number of Volts (2,289) were sold in March, and based on these strong sales GM announced they are resuming production a week early.

Talking Points Memo:

Buoyed by record monthly sales of its Chevy Volt hybrid electric plug-in car in March, General Motors will resume production of the Volt…the United Auto Workers told TPM on Tuesday night.

“They’re adding a week of production back in,” said Don LaForest, the chairman of the UAW’s bargaining committee at the Detroit Hamtramck plant, where the Volt is manufactured, in a phone interview.

“Anybody who’s been in a Volt knows it’s not a boondoggle, they know it’s for real,” LaForest told TPM. “I don’t think Newt or Mitt have said a single negative thing about the Nissan Leaf,” (the Volt’s Japanese competitor).

That’s because Newt and Mitt haven’t found a way to use the Nissan Leaf as a means to attack President Obama. Give it time.


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