Remember Rush Limbaugh Calling A 13 Year Old Girl A Dog On National Television?

Most thinking Americans are all too aware of the fact that Rush Limbaugh’s loathsome, condescending verbiage certainly did not begin when he called Sandra Fluke a slut and a whore. He’s been degrading and insulting people for decades. A person need not even been engaged in politics to become victimized by our national blow-hard; simply being associated with someone Limbaugh despises is enough to make him or her a target of his toilet-mouth. Last night, Chelsea Clinton reminded the world of those sad facts of life.

The daughter of the former President was invited to introduce Georgetown University law student, Sandra Fluke at conference taking place at the 92nd Street ‘Y’ in Manhattan. Chelsea told the crowd that she and Sandra had something in common, they have both been viciously attacked by Limbaugh.

Actually, when you think about it, what Limbaugh said about the former first daughter should have been enough to put a definitive end to multi-million dollar career as procurer of toilet talk animosity. The year was 1993; Chelsea’s Dad was the President. Limbaugh had his own TV show at the time. Much of the media was abuzz about the White House’s new cat, “Socks.” Limbaugh asked his studio audience if they had heard about the White House’s new dog? He put up a picture of Chelsea. She was all of 13 years old at the time.

What a thoughtful, sensitive thing to say about 13-year-old girl entering her teen years. But of course she deserved it right? 

Do you believe this poor excuse for a human being is still on the air and still being paid hundreds of millions of dollars to verbally defecate on the air everyday? And how many on the political right still hold him in high esteem? What’s wrong with America? Look no further than Rush and his millions of fans. White trash is as white trash does.