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Whatever Happened To Separation Of Church And State?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”
— The First Amendment

One of my closest friends is a born again Christian. She and I have very different beliefs. What’s beautiful is that we can discuss our differences without getting into an argument. Neither one of us tries to force the other into our way of thinking. We agree to disagree with each other and we both realize that this country was founded on the basis of religious freedom.

Rick Santorum and many other members of the GOP on the other hand, want to force their Christianity on America, the melting pot. Why should a Jewish person, a Buddhist or a person who doesn’t follow any kind of organized religion have to live under laws that are dictated by the Catholic church? Even Obama has to make sure everyone knows he’s a Christian in order to be more accepted as president.

Gov. Rick Scott of Florida announced on his Facebook Page on Friday, March 23, that he signed and approved legislation SB 98, allowing prayer in public schools taking effect on July 1. Prayer isn’t a bad thing but it crosses the line when put in a public institution. This is something that is sure to challenged as unconstitutional.

Recently in Oklahoma, The Education Committee of the State House of Representatives voted 9-7 to pass a bill to teach “intelligent design” in schools. It is interesting to note that Oklahoma is a religiously conservative state.

Other states like Texas have successfully de-funded Planned Parenthood because the religious right wants everyone to believe they are abortion mills when in fact abortions are only 3% of the services they provide.

Mandatory ultrasound laws have already been passed in seven states and are being considered in at least another eighteen states

I have heard private citizens (a member of my family who supports the Tea Party) complain that Christmas trees aren’t allowed in public schools. They make the claim that the founding fathers couldn’t foresee where things in this country would go in the long run and therefore the laws should be changed. But how would this person feel if Menorahs were in all the classrooms during Hanukkah and children of all different faiths were forced to light a candle to observe the Jewish holiday? I’m quite sure they would be very angry and running to their local congressman. The ones who don’t want this country to thrive on diversity refuse to see the difference and become incredibly defiant when this question is posed. Rather than trying to be understanding, godly and non-judgmental, they do the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming BLAH BLAH BLAH.

This country is not nor was it EVER MEANT TO BE ruled by any one religion. Why the right thinks they can win with this strategy is beyond reasonable thinking.

>It’s clear that the rich want all the power. They’re using their massive wealth to prey upon the fears of people and they are using religion as a vehicle to make people feel like there is no place for God in our society. They want to create a new society where the majority have no rights and it’s scary. It’s happened in other countries but there’s a difference that works to the benefit of those who wish to remain a melting pot. Throughout America’s history, we have lived in a free society where we make our own choices. We fight for equality for all. It’s not a perfect system and we still have many problems that we need to remedy. Ultimately, as a whole, we have been privileged to make most of our own choices and it’s hard to imagine an America where the masses lay down and accept a one-sided religious agenda from only a small portion of the population.

You have the right to follow any religion you wish. That’s a beautiful thing. You have the right choose the political party you feel serves you and the entire country’s best interests. You also still have the right to sit back and do nothing as the GOP takes away your freedom of everything.

What will you choose?