Huh? Did The Pope Just Describe Something As ‘Outdated?’ No Way!

Yes, it’s true friends. The Bishop of Rome, the Vicar of Christ, the head of the Roman Catholic Church who still insists that 1.2 billion Roman Catholics:

  1. Never practice birth control, for either family planning or health reasons
  2. Not ordain women as priests
  3. Insist that clergy be celibate
  4. Believe that homosexuality is a sin
  5. Believe that an individual can do evil, but if he/she confesses his/her sins to a priest, recites some ‘Hail Marys’ and eats a cracker, all is well and he get to go to heaven (gays not welcome, even if they lived ethical, moral lives)
  6. Insists that life begins at the very moment that a women’s egg is fertilized by a man’s sperm. As such, the fertilized egg has a higher status in this world than the mother.
  7. Believes in the separation of church and state, but oh, BTW, would you please legislate laws give our hospitals and schools that hire non-Catholics the right to not pay for medical expenses we don’t approve of. And oh, BTW, if you dare challenge us, we will accuse you of legislating against religion in general and the Catholic faith particular
  8. Believes in the separation of church and state, but we demand laws that prohibit even non-Catholic gays from marrying and of course, abortion must be illegal.
  9. Believe that the image of the ‘infallible clergy’ is so sacrosanct that it is more important to hide and protect pedophile priests than report their crimes to civil authorities
  10. __________(add your disappointments with the RCC here. Take as many lines as you need.

Yes, that Church; that Pope, on Friday encouraged the government of Cuba to begin looking for “new models of government beyond Marxist ideology.” Just for good measure, the always insightful, cutting edge Pontiff threw in: “Marxism no longer responds to reality.”

  1. Huh? Did Ricky Santorum just suggest that independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is promoting 19th century values?
  2. Did Senator Mitch McConnell just make a speech on any subject without saying something about the world ending if Obama is reelected in 2012?
  3. Did Rush Limbaugh just make a million dollar donation to the National Organization of Women?
  4. Did Fox Noise spend more than a millisecond today talking about racial profiling in America and the Trayvon Martin tragedgy?

Now I’m no fan of Cuba or communism, but for current head of the Catholic Church to publicly identify anything or anyone as being outdated gives new meaning to the word ‘hypocrite.’