Wisconsin GOP Votes To Ban Private Insurance Abortion Coverage And Teaching Contraception In School

Wisconsin just can’t stop attacking women. Last week, Republicans introduced a bill claiming that single moms are the cause of child abuse. And earlier this week, Wisconsin Republicans stated the battered women should divorce their abusive husbands. The GOP raised the bar again today by banning private abortion insurance and repealing a law requiring the teaching of contraception in school.

The Wisconsin House was supposed to talk jobs and the economy but they ended up arguing about social issues. The first bill to pass was an anti-abortion bill that bans private insurance companies from covering abortion as part of the health insurance exchange as set up by the Affordable Care Act. Abortion coverage had been allowed as long as it complied with the Hyde Amendment but Wisconsin Republicans decided to ban coverage of abortions in cases of rape and saving the life of the mother. Essentially, Wisconsin is banning women from having private abortion coverage. Democrats were helpless as the bill was slammed through the assembly by a vote of 61-34.

But the Republicans didn’t stop there. They decided to make abstinence programs the focus of sex education classes and practically banned the teaching of contraception by repealing the Healthy Young Act by a vote of 60-34. According to the The Green Bay Press Gazette, the bill “would require schools to teach abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The measure, backed by Pro-Life Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, also allows schools to teach abstinence-only classes, which was banned under a 2010 law passed by Democrats. No contraception education would be required.”

These actions almost mirror what Idaho is trying to do this week, as an Idaho House panel voted to oppose contraception while a Senate panel voted in support of an anti-abortion bill.

These Wisconsin bills are out of touch with reality and what they claim to stand for. They represent an attack by small government advocates against the private sex lives and medical care of women. The fact is, abortion is a valid medical procedure and if a woman gets pregnant, it is her choice to undergo the procedure or not. That is what small government is supposed to be all about. Women have the right to have abortion covered by their insurance, especially if they are raped or need one to save their lives. But Republicans have a sick fascination with making rape victims suffer. Republicans have also made it more likely that more abortions will occur because ultimately, there will be increased teen pregnancies since Republicans have voted to ban the teaching of contraception in school and have replaced it with abstinence-only programs that do not work.

Republicans are continuing their war on women no matter what. The only way to make this stop is to vote out each and every Republican out of office and keep them out of government until they change their ways. Women make up just over half of the American population, according to the US Census Bureau, so they have the power to protect themselves from this egregious assault on their rights, their privacy, and their health. They certainly shouldn’t allow chauvinistic woman hating males to make women’s health decisions.