Someone Has A Base Problem

Yesterday two-thirds of Republicans in two of the most hardcore Republican states in the Union, Alabama and Mississippi, voted against Mitt Romney as their nominee.  That’s a mighty huge rejection signal.

But what else do the Deep South primaries show us? Well, the GOP is possibly a dying breed. Check this out:

  • 27% of Republican voters for Alabama are over the age of 65.
  • 59% are over the age of 50.
  • 94% are white.
  • 75% consider themselves to be white evangelical born again.
  • 62% support the Tea Baggers.

Not only is it dying, it really, really doesn’t like Mitt Romney. Yet, hidden in the data, there’s a good indicator for Mitt Romney that Republicans will come home and vote Republican no matter who the nominee is.

Will You Vote for GOP Nominee in November?

Definitely– 81%
Probably– 10%
Only if….– 7%

That means 91% say they will probably still vote Republican even if Mitt Romney is the nominee. That’s good news for Mitt. Just another reason not to believe all the hype about Republicans not coming home. They will. They always do.