The Doonesbury Comic Strip Republicans Don’t Want You To See

A war against women is raging and the Republican Party is waging it. Across the country, GOP lawmakers are passing laws designed to humiliate women and rollback their rights. From Virginia, to Georgia, to Texas, to Utah, to Oklahoma, to Kansas, Republicans are enacting policies that extend abortion waiting times, limit access to contraception, ban discussion of contraception in school, cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and require women to undergo invasive transvaginal ultrasounds. It’s unconscionable policies such as these that have inspired Garry Trudeau to bring up the topic in his daily Doonesbury comic strip.

But Republicans don’t want you to see the comic strip this week. They understand that if people are able to better visualize what women are going to through, they are in for an even bigger firestorm. The solution? Make sure newspapers don’t run the strip. Several US newspapers have decided to either run a different strip this week or run nothing at all, which is censorship. Some have simply moved the strip to the editorial pages, which isn’t such a big deal. But the fact that many newspapers are being protective of the conservative war against women is disturbing, and the possibility of GOP lawmakers actually pressuring newspapers to do so is even more troubling.

According to The Guardian,

“The strip deals specifically with a law introduced in Texas and other states requiring a woman who wants to have an abortion to have an ultrasound scan, or sonogram, which will show an image of the fetus and other details, in an attempt to make her reconsider.

It portrays a woman who turns up at an abortion clinic in Texas and is told to take a seat in “the shaming room.” A state legislator asks if she has been at the clinic before and, when she says she had been to get contraceptives, he replies: “Do your parents know you’re a slut?”

Later, she says she does not want an intrusive vaginal examination but is told by a nurse: “The male Republicans who run Texas require that all abortion seekers be examined with a 10-inch shaming wand.” The nurse adds: “By the authority invested in me by the GOP base, I thee rape.””

The Doonesbury strip is exactly spot on. Any law that forces a woman to have a wand inserted into her vagina is nothing less than state sanctioned rape. Republicans say that they only want women to have all the information before having an abortion, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Women know everything they need to know about what is going on in their own bodies. Just because conservative males are ignorant of about women’s health, they think women are even more ignorant. Conservative males also have some sort of sick hatred of women, so they feel they have to make their lives as hellish as possible. It’s ridiculous and it violates Constitutional rights. Garry Trudeau understands this, so he has devoted an entire week to dealing with this topic in his comic strip.

So, for those of you who may not be seeing the Doonesbury strip today because of blatant censorship, you can read the strip here. And be sure to pass it around because that’s the. only way to combat Republican censorship and their war against women.

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