Megyn Kelly Does Not Have A Clue About Sandra Fluke (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly, a news anchor employed by the Fox News Channel claimed that Sandra Fluke is not a “victim” on last Thursday’s “O’Reilly Factor.”

Most of Mrs. Kelly’s statement on the program, although amusingly fervent, was embarrassingly erroneous. Not only was she  entirely wrong about the contraceptive mandate, she was also nonsensically wrong about Ms. Fluke’s stance and about how the issue became a national conversation.

Unlike Mrs. Kelly asserted in her conversation with O’Reilly, Ms. Fluke never claimed to be a “victim.” Asking for equality in healthcare does not mean you are a “victim” but an informed and empowered individual who is intelligent enough to demand fairness when discriminated.

Here’s the video:

First of all, the original committee hearing that started this entire episode was called by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform which is led by Republican Rep. Darrel Issa from California’s 49th District. If Mr. Issa did not have the brilliant idea of refusing an American citizen to testify about an issue in a congressional hearing–which I am still perplexed about the legality of–Ms. Fluke’s “informal” testimony would have never taken place. Additionally, the committee would have had the chance to cross-examine Ms. Fluke to better understand her standpoint or try to debunk it. So to declare that this was a plot by the Democrats and the Obama Administration is ludicrous.

Mrs. Kelly said her single-mother sister who is currently looking for a job does not want to see our congress people “wasting time talking about contraception coverage.” Mrs. Kelly, why don’t you give Rep. Issa (R-CA) a call about that?

Secondly, Mrs. Kelly and Mr. O’Reilly once again shamelessly repeated the same lie about the churches being forced to cover contraception just like Rush Limbaugh and other so-called journalists and news reporters on FOX News. I am not sure how else to explain to these individuals –who make their money by claiming to be fair and balanced news people and who obviously did not bother to either listen to Ms. Fluke’s testimony or read the mandate section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)– that all Churches are exempt, as in not forced to cover contraception. Exempt as in free from, not liable, off the hook, excused, let off!

Thirdly, about the mandate; as I explained in one of my previous articles, insurance companies will offer the needed contraception at no extra charge and separately to whom would like or need to use it, not through religiously affiliated institutions. The mandate is imposed on the insurance companies not on the institutions. Many insurance companies have been covering ED care, prostate care, many other male related healthcare and medicines for years. The mandate is to provide equality in access to healthcare and eliminate the discrimination by the insurance companies to offer care and coverage based on one’s gender.

Fourthly, Mrs. Kelly stated that she had to pay over $100,000 tuition for the law school she attended and could not afford to carry private health insurance during that time. She said she had no insurance.My question to Mrs. Kelly is this; if a student is already paying over $100,000 to receive a decent education, what is wrong with her asking for her insurance–which she pays out-of-pocket–(no tax payers) to cover her medical needs? Especially if her school’s insurance already covers prostate care for male students or cholesterol care for overweight students. When did asking for what you pay for become socialism? Why are the reporters of FOX News collectively promoting being a sucker?

Fifthly, Georgetown University requires all students to carry health insurance. It was not a choice by Ms. Fluke to have or not have insurance as Mrs. Kelly stated that she did not have insurance during her tenure at law school, because according to her statement, she could not afford it. So if Mrs. Kelly was struck by a truck or fell ill during that time, I guess other Americans would have had to pay for her care. How about that Mrs. Kelly? Where was that famous personal responsibility then? So are you claiming that in the USA people could be out of insurance coverage from time to time due to expensive schooling or in your sister’s case, unemployment?

Finally, she said Ms. Fluke is attending one of the best law schools in the country and most likely she will find a good job with a high salary as soon as she graduates. Her basic argument is because one day after graduation you have the possibility to make a decent living, why not get deeply in debt over your healthcare now, which I guess makes sense to Mrs. Kelly.

All these misstatements are coming from a woman who after giving birth strongly argued for paid maternity leave on FOX news. According to her reasoning, organizations should be required to subsidize a woman’s choice to have a baby, but not her choice to avoid having a baby.

As far as the “War on American women” goes; that is another long article to be written. I would just suggest you do research on how many anti-choice bills versus job creating bills have been introduced and passed by the GOP throughout State legislatures and at the Federal level, and come to your own conclusion if there is really a War on American women or not, and who started it.