The Sounds of Silence: Limbaugh’s Dead Air

Media Matters reported today that Rush Limbaugh closed the first hour of his show on WABC with one minute three seconds of dead air. During the commercial break leading into the show, there were two minutes thirty-eight seconds of dead air as well. Advertisers have been fleeing the trash-talking radio personality in droves but one has to wonder what is going on with Rush and all that dead air?

In a normal situation, the lack of advertisers would require the airwaves be filled with something, whether it was more show content or public service announcements. Dead air is death to a radio station. So what’s the deal?

One can only speculate but perhaps Rush feels that staying silent illustrates to his listeners how put upon he has been by those in the Liberal Media who have the insane idea that bashing women is wrong. Maybe he wishes to share his feelings of isolation with his listeners or maybe he thinks dead air is an avant-garde way of expressing his disdain for the advertisers who have fled.

No answers have been offered by Limbaugh or WABC, but for those who feel Limbaugh has gone too far too often with his outrageous hate speech, it is an enticing preview of how pleasant life will be when the fat man is finally relegated to the list of people who pushed bad manners into a realm that was offensive to all but the most rabid on the right.