Companies Continue To Abandon Rush Limbaugh, Despite His Weak Apology To Sandra Fluke (PETITION INCLUDED)

Three days of reprehensible attacks on women and contraception that began when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” on his radio show have resulted in multiple companies abandoning The Rush Limbaugh Show.

After hearing complaints from thousands of people in the form of petitions, phone calls, and social media, seven companies have dropped their support of Limbaugh, thus stripping his show of advertising dollars. These companies include Citrix, Sleep Number, Legal Zoom, Quicken Loans, The Sleep Train, ProFlowers, and Carbonite. ThinkProgress has kindly compiled a list of social media statements by many of the above mentioned companies, which you can view below. ???

It looks like women across the country are making their voices heard, and corporate America is listening. But the fight isn’t over yet. There are still companies out there that have yet to condemn Rush Limbaugh and pull their advertising and money from his hateful radio program. Here are three of them.

Mission Pharmacal Company- provides Citrical, which many women use to prevent Osteoporosis.

Phone: 210-696-8400 Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm

Mail:San Antonio, TX 78230-1355

Life Lock- Identity Theft Services

Phone: 1-800-543-3562


Mail: 60 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 400, Tempe, AZ 85281

TaxResolution- Tax Relief Services

Phone: 888-814-1996

Armed Forces Radio Network doesn’t advertise on Limbaugh’s show, but they carry it. So be sure to sign this petition and demand that they remove him from the air.

And here is a petition you can sign and share to boycott Rush Limbaugh, courtesy of Left Action

Corporations are not the only ones who should boycott Rush and his comments. The great majority of Republican Congressmen and Senators have yet to condemn him and the GOP Presidential candidates also need to be pressured to do so. So be sure to call your Republican Senators and Representatives and demand that they denounce Rush Limbaugh. We shouldn’t stop there either. Many conservative groups and organizations must also be pressured to condemn Rush Limbaugh. Here is list of 20 of the top conservative organizations and groups complete with contact information. They may not advertise on Limbaugh’s show, but they push many of his talking points.

Rush Limbaugh thinks a flimsy apology on his website is enough to make women forget about his shameful attacks and insults. We must not let him get away with making such statements on the air. Women everywhere are under attack, and Limbaugh influences millions. So much so, that one 16 year old Boston girl has had to endure the same attacks at school because she uses contraceptives to deal with a medical issue that has been diagnosed by her doctor. As you can see by reading this article on Daily Kos, Rush Limbaugh is creating bullies everywhere. His words are poisoning the minds of many people who use his hateful rants to attack others. His show must be shut down for good and only we can make that happen.