They Are Not Fiscal Conservatives

Given that Reagan left office with a larger deficit than when he took over and that George H. W. Bush left office with a larger deficit than what he inherited and that George W. Bush left office with a trillion-dollar deficit when he inherited a huge budget surplus, common sense would tell us that the Republican Party is not the party of small government or fiscal conservatism.  It is simply the party that loves to talk about and make up lies about being budget hawks and socialist slashers.  Their perceived notion that they are fiscally conservative is a genuine self-derangement syndrome– one the media is more than happy to go along with.

So to have bipartisan reports come out stating the very obvious fact that Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are by no means anything remotely close to being fiscally conservative shouldn’t be all that big of a deal– you know given the history of the GOP and all.  But, of course, it is a big deal because the obvious will continue to be ignored by the media and the self-righteous clowns in the GOP, and they will continue to be labeled the party of fiscal conservatism; the party of deficit hawks and small government; the party of those who are Very Serious about controlling our welfare state.  A report by The Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget demonstrating that none of the 3 leading GOP candidates for president–who have all enjoyed front-runner status within the last 30 days–are fiscally conservative when it comes to the federal budget will get ignored and labeled as a liberal conspiracy designed to help the gay terrorists enforce Sharia law and make women take birth control.  The fact all three tax plans submitted by the Republican trio will create larger debt per GDP than President Obama’s is of no concern to the Very Serious People working hard every day to return us to the path George Bush set us on.