House Republicans Intend To Censor Democratic Hearing On Birth Control

Nearly a week has gone by since House Republicans held their anti-women, anti-birth control committee hearing with a full panel of men to testify about contraception. Claiming that the hearing was about religious freedom and not a woman’s right to have access to birth control, Republicans literally gave control of the hearing to sexist religious bigots and televised it. Not one woman was allowed to speak about a topic important to them. Only men were allowed to testify about it.

But Democrats have decided to change that by holding a contraception hearing of their very own. There’s just one problem. House Republicans, in their infinite hatred of women, refuse to broadcast the hearing on television. According to aides for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the Republican leadership specifically ordered the House recording studio that controls the C-SPAN cameras to deny the Democrats the equal time to allow women to testify about birth control.

Since Republicans clearly discriminated against women during the last hearing, Democrats are holding an unofficial hearing to allow Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke to finally give women a voice in the all-male debate over birth control. Of course the chauvinist Republicans want to censor this. Such a broadcast would undermine the Republican war against women and the last thing they want is for a woman to speak her mind in front of the American public in defense of women’s rights.

By censoring this testimony from the only gender qualified to talk about women’s health, Republicans are only proving how much they hate women and how much they hate freedom of speech and equality. It’s obvious that the Republican controlled House is a ‘men only’ club and women are only allowed to speak when they say so.


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