The Sane Voice of Bill Moyers and the Cruel Stupidity of Bob McDonnell

Bill Moyers weighs in with the final word on the contraceptive brouhaha … What do you know? He’s right. It’s not about the government imposing itself on religion in any way. To the extent that they are insisting it is, the Catholic Church is making itself look silly, petty and redundant.

Bill Moyers Essay: Freedom of and From Religion from on Vimeo.

However, contraceptive issues aside, the Virginia State Legislature has passed a bill mandating any woman seeking an abortion to be required by law to undergo a penetrative vaginal examination using a transvaginal ultrasound transducer.

That’s right … penetrative. Considering the fact that most women seeking abortions won’t want this procedure, and considering that any sort of unwanted vaginal penetration is … well, rape … it appears as if the Catholic Carpetbagger from Philadelphia, Lil’ Bob McDonnell is about to sign a law mandating legislative rape.

Of course, it’s all a tactic to scare the piss (pun intended) out of those wicked, evil women who have sex, get up the duff and then want to get rid of that pesky, little zygote. Of course, that includes all those wicked, evil women and girls who happen to get raped or are victims of incest. And most of those wicked, evil women are poor – and, in Bob McDonnell’s world, that’s wicked and evil too.

And just to make matters even more interesting, there’s the ubiquitous Personhood Bill for Bob to sign as well.

Bob McDonnell personifies every reason why I left the Catholic Church. Bob McDonnell personifies every reason why anyone of sane mind and all women ought to run screaming from the clutches of the Republican Party.

Common sense is this: If we have a responsible (and free) contraceptive program and it’s taught responsibly in schools as well, then the need for abortions will be greatly reduced. No woman considers having an abortion lightly; very often, that’s the last and most desperate resort. Bob McDonnell has daughters. I don’t know what their sexual history is, and I don’t want to know; but any woman at anytime can be raped. I cannot imagine Bob McDonnell would force his adult daughters to bear a child conceived in such a way; and if his adult daughters decided to abort the foetus, I cannot imagine him subjecting them to another act that is just a legislative euphemism for rape.


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