Shhh! Don’t Tell Republicans That Women Vote!

Unemployment is going down but is still at an unacceptable number. People in this country are hurting. They’re still losing their homes and the fact that the rate of foreclosure has slowed gives no comfort to those who are packing up and moving out of the dream they thought was theirs. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our cities and states are struggling to come up with money for basic services like police and fire protection and teachers for our underfunded schools.

So what are Republicans talking about? Contraception. And women aren’t invited to the conversation. States like Iowa are busily debating Tea Party bills that would send doctors who perform abortions to prison for life, or, if for some unknown reason they were going to perform an abortion but didn’t, up to twenty-five years for even entertaining the notion.

The country is in trouble and the only thing the Republicans want to talk about is how they can strip away women’s rights. Rick Santorum’s billionaire backer, Foster Friess, had the nerve to wax poetic and longingly about how in his day (that would be back in the Dark Ages) women prevented pregnancy by holding an aspirin between their knees. Trust me, Foster, if men bore children, contraceptives would be free on demand and abortions would be funded by the government.

Republicans have no answers for the problems confronting this country. Indeed, the Republican agenda and the policies implemented under the Bush administration are the reason this country is in the position in which it finds itself. Oh, they’ll holler and yell and say it’s all Bill Clinton’s fault and all Obama’s fault and will never admit that our surplus was squandered on unfunded wars and unnecessary tax giveaways to the wealthy. It’s just more noise from the guilty party. They have no answers and they have no defense, so they attack something completely unrelated in the hope that people won’t notice just how ineffective they’ve been since taking over Congress last year. Not one jobs program. Every program they come up with is the same. Tax cuts for the rich and cuts to programs that benefit everyone else. In the face of having no answers, they decided to pick on women.

Now how stupid is that? Yes, there are the Sarah Palins of the world who think the Republican agenda doesn’t apply to them because they are of the anointed few. But most women get the picture. They see that the Republican agenda is to exert total control over women. Barefoot, broke and pregnant, yessireebob! That’s the way they like their women. And I say YES! Keep it up! Because if they think for a nanosecond they can win the presidency by dumping all over women, they are even more deluded than I thought they were and that’s pretty deluded! I think they’ve forgotten that women vote. In high numbers. Higher numbers than men. Piss them off and they’ll come out in even larger numbers. There’s nothing quite like attempting to roll back the strides women have made to really piss them off. At this rate, Obama won’t even have to campaign. He can sit back and enjoy watching the Republican party tear itself apart. And then, re-elected, he can get down to the business of getting this country back on track.