Huckabee Says TARP Should Have Been Called CRAP

I love this. I just absolutely love this. This is how the GOP takes reality and skews it to match their Fantasy World– a world where they are small government, fiscal conservatives who are the only patriots left in the nation.

The Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP) is nothing but an unequivocal Republican piece of legislation. It was written by the Bush White House, passed with majority Republican support via a huge crying fit by John Boehner. It is, without a doubt, the only successful Bush policy in his 8 years as president. It has been widely successful beyond anybody’s expectations (even mine), costing far less than originally planned. More than that, it saved the economy from total collapse– hardly something to scoff at. Yet that’s exactly what Republicans want to do.

Republicans, with great help from Fox News, try their hardest to pass TARP off as more proof of Obama’s big government takeover. Yet the whole thing has nothing to do with him. The whole thing instead smells of George Bush and the GOP from top to bottom. But oh no, since TARP is the epitome of European Socialism it must be from the Democrats and Barack Obama. History and reality tells us otherwise. Who needs facts when you have preacher man and Republican, and don’t forget he’s also a Fox News employee, Mike Huckabee, telling his fellow Republicans that TARP should have been entitled “Congressional Relief Action Program. ‘I’ll let you figure that one out,’ he said.”

The truth about TARP is that even though the money was loaned to banks under the Bush administration, it was because of Obama policies that the banks paid us back. For many of the bankers, it was either pay back the government or take a cut in pay. Guess which one they chose?

Only in the Republican Fantasy World could something so successful, that actually saved America from collapse, that is the only successful piece of legislation from your last president, that is for all practical purposes your party’s legacy be called CRAP and get applauded by your base. They are a delusional people right down to their rotten cores.

Boehner Crying Like a Baby to Pass TARP (of course none of this ever happened though)

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