Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Uses Political Donations To Buy Her Own Book And Stay At Fancy Hotels

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Photo credit: Laura Segall/Getty Images.

When a person donates to a political figure, they expect that cash to be used towards furthering said politicians’ stated goals. Jan PAC, Arizona Governor Jan Brewers’ fund raising group, has pledged to focus on 4 goals:

  • Securing the border & restoring integrity to our immigration system
  • Fighting ObamaCare
  • Creating jobs – Getting Americans back to work
  • Reducing the size of government

Instead, Jan Brewer has used donations to her political action committee to buy her own book (ostensibly to give to donors who contribute $100 or more but happens to have the side effect of putting PAC money directly into her pocket) and to stay at an expensive hotel.

According to a report from Talking Points Memo:

“The governor had raised only about $22,000 for Jan PAC by the end of 2011 and spent nearly a quarter of the cash, buying books from Amazon and paying a bill at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria hotel in Orlando, Fla. The rest of the money is still in the bank.

Brewer spent $3,423 on books and shipping from the online retailer, according to the financial reports. On her fundraising website, she offers a signed copy of her book “Scorpions for Breakfast” to every donor who gives $100 or more.

In early December she also spent $624 for a night at the swank Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, which her financial disclosures repeatedly misspell as “Orlanda.” Another $513 went to airfare on Southwest Airlines.”

It’s the kind of thing Republicans would definitely take Democrats to task over, but as usual, when a Republican is guilty of misusing donations, it’s perfectly acceptable.

This report reveals quite a lot about Jan Brewer and her support team. Like the typical Right Wing nut job, she has no intention of actually using money for its intended purposes. Like the typical Right Wing nut job, she is selfish and thinks she is more important than she actually is. Like the typical Right Wing nut job, she abuses the trust of the her constituents. And like the typical Right Wing nut job, she can’t spell. As I said before, if a Democrat was doing this, Republicans would be screaming bloody murder about fraud and waste and would be calling for resignations and investigations. How can the Republican Party claim to be the defenders of what our money is spent on when they can’t even use PAC funds for the purposes they say they’re supposed to be used for?


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