Classic Example of a Dutiful Republican Protecting the Interests of the Koch Brothers (VIDEO)

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair, Republican Ed Whitfield.

Anyone who needs proof of how the 1% who control much of the wealth in this country, use the Republican Party to advance their agenda and stifle any opposition to their greedy activities, need only watch this video record of the very nasty, unpleasant exchange that took place at the House Energy and Commerce Committee last Wednesday.

In spite of Koch brothers disclaimers that they have no “direct” financial interest in the Keystone XL pipeline project, the ranking Democrat on the Committee smelled a rat and tried to pursue it.  Rep. Henry Waxman (D. Calif) asked that the Committee to subpoena Koch Industries to disclose their direct or indirect financial interests in the massive, continental energy project.

Commerce Committee Chair, Rep. Ed Whitfield, (R. KY) angrily shot the liberal Democrat down faster than you can say, “who are my real constituents again?”  Waxman is no shrinking-violet and took the Chair on even after be politely told to shut-up.   While stifling Waxman’s unflattering suggestion that the Koch brothers are not to be trusted,  Whitfield couldn’t resist the opportunity to promote the current Republican-Koch brothers campaign to suggest that President Obama maliciously wasted tax-payer money on failed solar energy company, Solyndra.

The Koch brothers political front organization, “American for Progress,”  has spent 6 million dollars on a commercial being shown across the nation, that suggests that even while knowing the company would  fail, Obama gave Solyndra tax-payer support as pay back for political support.  The narrative of the commercial suggests that Obama is the worst example of a pay-to-play politician.  Considering who sponsored the commercial, the charge gives new meaning to words like “chutzpah,” and hypocrite.  And have you heard about Don Corleone’s meritorious campaign against gambling and violence?

In light of Whitfield’s actions, does any honest American doubt for one minute that he has or will, receive significant financial support from one or more of the  Koch brothers political action committees? Meet you in 20 years at the Koch brothers Palm Springs retirement village for loyal Republican hacks?