The Republicans Who Would Be President

The Republican debates have becomes a showcase for the insanity of a slate of candidates who have shown no regard for the truth or for the wishes of the majority of the American people.

Newt Gingrich would have us repeal child labor laws in order to save on those egregious janitor salaries that are decimating our economy.

Mitt Romney thinks we’re all jealous of him because he grew rich exporting American jobs overseas. He says he knows how to fix the economy and Obama has never run anything in his life. Of course, the past three years keeping a listing Ship of State from sinking that was run onto the rocks by a Republican administration run amok doesn’t count for anything.

Rick Santorum says children would be better off with parents in prison than having a loving gay couple nurture and care for them.

Ron Paul believes we should get rid of the IRS, allow business owners to discriminate on the basis of anything they please and pretty much leave all of us to fend for ourselves.

All of the candidates scream about “big government” and how it should get out of our lives but to a man, they want to tell you who you can and cannot love, who will be allowed to serve our country and who has a say over the bodies of women. Hint: It isn’t the women.

The way I see it, if Republicans were allowed to do everything they want to do, we would live in a country where the rich paid zero taxes but the poor (and that’s all that would be left because the middle class would disappear) would bear the burden of paying for everything. The burden would be lightened significantly, however, because there would be no Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, EPA, Department of Education, Department of Consumer Affairs – well, I could go on but the only thing remaining would be the Department of Defense, which I’m certain would grow to even more megalomaniacal proportions than it already has. Disclaimer: The Department of Defense under Ron Paul would no longer exist.

When questioned about things like illness in a family or hard times caused by circumstances out of one’s control, the candidates like to point out that there are “agencies” one can go to get help. They fail to realize that those “agencies” are almost always state or municipal entities that are dependent upon taxpayer money to keep their doors open. The candidates also like to point to churches and community groups and then wax rhapsodic, recalling the old days when people helped their neighbors. How a charity is supposed to cover the outrageous cost of vital, but expensive, medical care is never made clear.

I’ve got a news flash for them. We’re not living in a Little House on the Prairie world anymore. The ratification of the 16th Amendment in 1913 recognized the very real fact that our country had grown to an extent where we needed a centralized method to collect money to distribute to insure the public good. Over the ensuing years, we’ve created agencies like FEMA to step in and provide the help needed when disaster strikes. It’s the same thing as having a barn raising when the windstorm took out the barn except we now do it on a national scale rather than a local one.

Sit down and talk to a right wing person and if you can get them to stop screaming in your face, you’ll find out that they don’t want Social Security to go away. Not theirs anyway. They don’t want Medicare to be dismantled. Not theirs anyway. They want good roads and want to feel safe when they board an airplane. They just don’t want to pay for it. But you can be sure if the bridge collapses while one of their family members is on it, they’ll sue the hell out of the Federal Government for not making sure the bridge was safe!

The whole idea of the United States of America is people pulling together to make something of themselves and of the country in which they live. That’s the promise of this country. If you work hard and do your part, you have a shot at the dream. That dream is different for each of us and not everyone wants to accumulate gobs of riches. What we all want, in one way or another, is the chance to make a decent living, take a nice vacation every year, enjoy our friends and families, educate our children, put something aside for our golden years and know that if trouble finds us, we have a system in place that will help us through.

We don’t envy the rich, although some of us aspire to be rich. Aspirations and envy are not the same thing. What we don’t want is for the wealthy to continually take what little we have and then accuse us of waging class warfare against them. We want a fair playing field and that is something none of the Republican candidates is willing to give. The Republicans all seem to want us to be like the orphaned child Oliver, begging with our hands out and saying, “Please, Sir, may I have some more?”

It’s going to be a long and interesting year.


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