Mitch Daniels Is a Bald-Faced Liar

Not surprisingly the GOP selected a man that knows nothing about sane economic policy to deliver their SOTU rebuttal.  In other words they selected George Bush’s budget director.  In the response Mitch Daniels claims:

“When President Obama claims that the state of our union is anything but grave, he must know in his heart that this is not true,” Daniels said. He added that while Obama did not cause the country’s economic and budget problems, “He was elected on a promise to fix them, and he cannot claim that the last three years have made things anything but worse.”

Nothing could be less true.

Set aside for a moment that Mitch Daniels was George W. Bush’s budget director that signed off on making the budget surplus a multi-hundred billion deficit within a few quick months after taking office.  Just set aside the fact Daniels presided over the largest increase in budget deficit history. Never mind that that alone should make him completely non-credible when talking about sound budgets ever again.  But in the GOP Fantasy World, it only makes him a budget and economic genius that gets to go on teevee pretending he’s got all the answers.

Instead let’s focus on the huge lie that Obama has made things worse.  The amazement that such a sentence can be spoken with a straight face only proves just how out of touch the GOP really is. When Obama took office in 2009 the economy was bleeding almost a million jobs a month. In the last year alone, the economy has added 1.9 million jobs.  Since 2010, total job creation is 2.9 million. In no way, shape or form is that “worse.”

Again, consider the Dow is up 85% since Obama took office.  Bush presided over the largest monetary loss in the history of the Dow.  It’s no longer in free fall.  It’s gaining value again.  In every sense of the word, that means it is not “worse.”

The budget deficit, which Republicans now claim to care about since they are out of power, has shrunk under President Obama.  Not to mention, the largest contributor to the budget deficit (and our federal debt) are the Bush tax cuts that Daniels instituted when he was Bush’s budget chief, along with other left over Bush policies.

Things aren’t great.  But they are no way “worse” than they were when George Bush was president. You would have to be mentally retarded, just waking up from a 3 year coma and lacking all your chromosomes to think the economy is worse. Or be Republican, because really there is no difference.