Romney Gave More To A Church That Believes Eden Was In Missouri Than He Paid In Taxes

Zack Ford makes an excellent point. Mitt Romney gave more money to the Mormon Church than he paid in taxes in 2010. That’s all fine and dandy and I’m sure the Christian Right wackos will say it’s better to give to God than to the IRS. But let’s look at what the Mormon Church professes.

Ford brings up societal and legislative discrimination against gays as a solid platform of the Mormon discipline. While that’s important enough, we can’t neglect to mention just how far out of the mainstream this church really is.

  • Mormons believe the Garden of Eden is in Jackson, County, Missouri. This alone should be enough to classify them as a cult. I’m sure it would, however, if Romney was a Democrat.
  • Mormons also believe God lives in outer space on Planet Kolob.
  • Blacks were not allowed to be Mormon priests until 1978. Women are still banned.
  • Weirdly enough, they believe there are multiple universes each with their own God. Thus, they believe in multiple Gods.

This is what Mitt Romney supports more than he supports his country.