Iran Bans America’s Most Dangerous Weapon Yet: The Barbie Doll

Back in 1996, the ruling mullahs of Iran’s theocratic government ruled that the Mattel Toy Company’s Barbie and Ken dolls were “un-Islamic.”  In spite of that decision, Barbie and her on and off-again BF, Ken, have remained popular toys with Iranian kids.

Efforts to launch more Islamic appropriate, Persian looking dolls failed miserably.  “Sara” and her brave Iranian Muslim man, “Dara,” went over with Iranian children like a broccoli and spinach pie. Can’t imagine why? They wore all the traditional, modest clothing the devout Muslims are supposed to wear, what could be wrong with that? Who wants a western looking buxom blond in tight clothing?

Reuters News Service is now reporting that the “morality police” in Iran have begun enforcing the 16 year old edict against Barbie by visiting toy stores and confiscating Barbie and Ken dolls on the shelves. As we capitalists in the West know all to well, money always trumps God, religion and the government. A very vibrant black-market in Barbie and Ken dolls has quickly emerged in the Islamic State.

Speaking of toys, America has formerly requested that Iran return the U.S. spy drone they shot down some weeks ago. In response, the Iranians have made scale model toy version of the drone that is selling briskly. Word has it, the Iranian government will be forwarding just such a drone-toy to American officials in lieu of sending the real thing. HaHa, fooled them, didn’t we! The spy drones were just a ruse: Barbie and Ken are the real spies they have to worry about.