Three Scott Walker Cronies Arrested

As I awoke yesterday, I had an e-mail. It was regarding charges that were about to be announced later today. And that’s when I realized, today was going to be a very interesting day indeed.

The e-mail said that three of Scott Walkers friends were arrested and that charges would be announced later in the day. Sure enough, as the day went on and I learned more and more, it became clear this was a major story. The first information to come in to me was by way of this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. The scandal arises from a benefit for veteran’s called Operation Freedom. It is not clear what exactly happened, but more than $42,000 went mysteriously missing from the fundraiser, stolen allegedly by the man they arrested. His name is Tim Russell, a long time friend of Scott Walker, and the man who was in charge of the program, was arrested on two felonies and one misdemeanor charge, all for embezzlement. He is alleged to have stolen money from the program. What comes as even more of a shock, however, is that he had plenty of money thanks to Scott Walker. Yes, apparently being Scott Walker’s friend really does pay off as Russell was offered a new position and a raise that more than doubled his prior pay of $50,000. A $50,000 raise wasn’t enough so he had to steal from the vets? We will see soon enough.

Also arrested was Russell’s long time partner and Department of Public Instruction worker, Brian Pierick. He was arrested for two felony counts, both for sexual conduct with children. According to the Department of Public Instruction, Pierick was terminated immediately following the news. If you can stomach it, feel free to read the entire complaint against him here. I will warn you though, it is quite detailed and enough to make even the strongest of stomachs a bit uneasy. According to the report, prepared by Investigator Robert Stelter, there were several images of “prepubescent child pornography” found on the computer, images of people who looked to be between “12 and 19” according to the report. The report states neither Pierick nor Russell were charged with child pornography only because they could not prove age of anyone in the pictures. Pierick did, however, according to the report, have very detailed sexual conversations with a 17 year old boy. According to the allegations he also sent the boy naked pictures and suggested that his partner, Tim Russell, would enjoy performing sexual acts with them.

And last but not least, we have Kevin Kavanaugh. Kevin is charged with five felonies ranging from theft to fraudulent writings by a corporate officer. Kavanaugh was another crony of Walker’s, having been appointed to the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Commission by Scott Walker himself. Sure, Scott Walker’s administration requested the investigation and nothing revealed so far incriminates Scott himself.  But these were three friends. Three people Scott Walker hired. Three people he quite often spoke with and met with. Three people who would be considered friends or inner circle to Scott himself. And while having three friends get arrested doesn’t incriminate him, it does speak volumes to the type of people he hangs out and surrounds himself with. And in the middle of a recall the last thing any Governor wants is three friends getting arrested. Russell also worked for Tommy Thompson for some time and so it would be likely that all three would be friends of him as well. Something that could haunt him should he run. No matter how you spin it this is not good news for Scott Walker and Tommy Thompson. Especially considering the John Doe investigation that started this is presumedly ongoing.


Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

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