REPORT: Private Sector Adds 325,000 New Jobs In December

Since President Obama took the oath of office in 2009, Republicans have blamed him directly for the economy. They have constantly claimed that the stimulus hasn’t worked and that the state of the economy is his responsibility. That’s fine. Because in December 2011, the private sector added 325,000 American jobs and Republicans can’t take an ounce of credit for it.

According to the latest ADP National Employment Report, the private sector grew by 325,000 jobs in December which eclipses the average needed to keep up with population increases. Here are the growth numbers by sector:

Service: +273,000 jobs
Goods: +52,000 jobs
Manufacturing: +22,000 jobs
Construction: +26,000 jobs
Financial services: -1,000 jobs

The numbers as a whole are really great news but the manufacturing and construction sector jobs numbers indicate true economic growth and improvement. It suggests that Americans are demanding products again. Curiously, the private sector jobs didn’t come courtesy of the big “American” corporations that Republicans claim are the “job creators.” The majority of the jobs were created by smaller US businesses. You know, the REAL job creators.

Last time I checked, President Obama and the 111th Congress controlled by Democrats were the ones who passed laws designed to aid small businesses. The current Republican controlled Congress hasn’t passed one jobs bill. Clearly, the Democrats, and President Obama in particular, are responsible for 325,000 Americans getting brand new jobs in December. Republican spin in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…