15 Year Old Girl Deported To Colombia As 22 Year Old Illegal Immigrant

Normally, this would make a decently dramtaic Hollywood “mistaken identity” movie except, this time, it’s real and indicative that there’s a serious problem in our deportation procedures. In 2010, then 14 year old, Jakadrien Turner ran away from home over the divorce of her parents and the recent death of her grandfather. She made her way to Houston, Texas where she was arrested for theft. Jakadrien gave a fake name and, unfortunately, it turned out the name given was that of an illegal immigrant from Colombia with outstanding warrants.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement took over and, somehow, decided deporting a 14 year old African American girl that speaks no Spanish to Colombia was appropriate. Once there, she was given a work card and sent out to fend for herself. During this time, Jakadrien grandmother kept searching Facebook for signs of her granddaughter and, with help from the  Dallas police, eventually located her.

How Jakadrien managed to completely fool ICE and the various other officials involved with her deportation remains unclear. Colombian officials are, so far, refusing to release her despite confirmation of her identity. She might also be pregnant which will complicate matters since she is obviously still a minor.

Any system will have cracks and imperfections in it but the ease with which Jakadrien slipped through them speaks to far deeper issues with our immigration system. Despite ostensibly courting the Hispanic vote, the Obama administration has deported illegal immigrants at a disturbingly high pace even while being lambasted as “weak on illegals” by the Right. Obama has only recently taken steps to curb this impulse by designating immigrants with criminal records as a higher priority than those who are law abiding hoping-to-be-citizens. Is the stepped up pace to blame for such an incredible error or was Jakadrien just that good that she slipped right through? Either way, it raises serious questions. What about those mistakes that aren’t corrected? How many lives have been ruined by sloppy work on the part of ICE officials? Is it really worth it to get rid of all those “dangerous” immigrants? Is “securing our borders” really making us secure and at what cost?

These are not new questions but it’s time that we starting answering them with the demagoguery.

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