AFA Spokesman Bryan Fischer Says People Who ‘Disliked’ Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad Approve Of Bestiality

So far, over 640,000 people have clicked “dislike” on Rick Perry’s Brokeback Mountain video on youtube, making it the most disliked video on the internet. But according to Bryan Fischer of the hate group, American Family Association, if you are one of the people who clicked “dislike,” you support man on beast sex.

On his radio show on Monday, Bryan Fischer couldn’t resist the urge to talk about bestiality and how anyone who disliked the Perry ad supposedly supports it. He fantasized heavily about the kinds of bestiality that us haters must advocate, such as soldiers having sex with animals and sodomy. Here’s what Fischer had to say:

“So 640,000 people have gone to that video just to say I hate this thing, I hate the guy that made it, I hate the message here, I want sexual deviancy widespread in the military, I’m fine with the repeal of the ban on sodomy, the repeal of the ban on bestiality, I’m fine with people in the military having sex with animals, I’m down with that, I’m for that, I’m against anybody who would want to restrain any of that.”

Check out the video.

Bryan Fischer is assuming that everyone who “disliked” the Perry ad has to be a practitioner or supporter of bestiality. Too bad he has no proof to back up his hateful claims. The only thing the statistics prove is that people hate bigotry. Fischer is a black hearted human being and has no business calling himself a Christian. Hate is not a Christian value. It’s not a family value either.

Of course Fischer isn’t the only one who can make assumptions. Could it be that anyone who “liked” the Perry ad obviously wants to have a Brokeback Mountain moment with Rick Perry? I wonder if Fischer clicked “like”? Fischer is obsessed with the LGBT community and he’s been talking about Perry quite a bit lately. But since Bryan Fischer likes playing the bestiality card, I would bet good money right now that Bryan Fischer has a thing for animals too. He is constantly talking about bestiality and seems to be obsessed with it. Either Fischer has man on beast Tourette’s or the animals in his neighborhood must be mighty terrified of him. Yeah, I’d bet money on the latter.