‘Godless Heathen’ Responds To Rick Perry Ad (VIDEO)

This year’s batch of Republican Presidential candidates seem to be in a race for something other than just the Presidency. They seem to be in a race to offend the entire American population. They insult children by saying they are lazy. They insult poor people by saying they are lazy. They insult non-evangelical Christians by saying they aren’t Christian enough. They insult Muslims. They insult immigrants. They insult people that stand up for their rights, unless they are a part of the Tea Party. They insult gay people. They insult sick people. They insult women. They insult minorities. If I’ve missed your demographic then you could be that gem they are looking for, otherwise known as the Republican Base.

Rick Perry doesn’t try to hide that he is appealing to the base, pretty much to the exclusion of 90% of the population. This week, he came out with a video claiming there was a war on Christmas and a war on Christians, ignoring the fact that about 70% of people are Christian and a greater percentage celebrates Christmas. Not too many soldiers in that war, are there? Here’s his video. Notice the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes.’

In response, Andy Cobb, a self proclaimed ‘Godless Heathen’ produced his own video: