Jon Stewart Punks Jon Huntsman

It all started with this:

Only, the questions weren’t for Mad Men star, Jon Hamm, they were for Presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman.

On Tuesday, the floundering candidate threw a Twitter town hall. All questions were to go to #Q4Jon. Stewart, being Jon Stewart, decided to tell his Twitter followers to send their questions to…Jon Hamm. The Hollywood Reporter listed some of the questions:

“In ten years do you see yourself following George Clooney’s or Tom Selleck’s career path?”

(Huntsman responded: “I definitely want Clooney’s career path. But I think that Q was for Jon Hamm. Funny prank @TheDailyShow! #Q4Jon”)

“Jon who makes all of your suits? They have a great retro look.”

“Do you think you’ll be able to snag the Emmy this year – even with Brian Cranston’s brilliant performance in S4?”

“What’s new on Mad Men this season? I’m a HUGE fan!”

“How many of the Mad Men actresses have you slept with?”

“Are there characteristics of Don Draper that you relate to?”

“Mr. Hamm, how do you feel about Jon Huntsman trying to hijack your hashtag? #lol”

“Do you feel those who spell John w/ H are wasteful liberals using consonants wantonly & w/o discretion?” (Huntsman responded: “Yes!”)

There were a lot of serious questions, but Huntsman took it all in with good humor. He Tweeted after the town hall: