Herman Cain: Everybody’s Just a Lying Sack of Lying Liars

I’ve been struck lately by how little daylight there is between the way Herman Cain handles controversy and the way Sarah Palin handles controversy.  Neither have ever been wrong in their lives; neither can acknowledge personal foibles; neither can accept personal responsibility for anything that besets them; both can “wow ’em” at a tea party rally without saying a damn thing; and both are delusional enough to think that they’re qualified to be president.

Palin jumps on Twitter, Cain sends his attack lawyer out with a message; Palin’s PAC posts on Facebook, Cain’s wife goes on Fox; Palin stars in YouTube videos, Cain has a campaign ad featuring his campaign manager lighting up; Palin flubs foreign policy and calls it “gotcha” media, Cain flubs foreign policy and says it was a confusing set of questions.  No daylight – and yet it took about three years for Palin’s star to fall.

So, with, now, five women accusing Herman Cain of some form of sexual impropriety, a conservative talk radio host confirming that Cain acted professionally inappropriate with his staff in recent months, and a woman claiming to have had an on again/off again 13-year sexual relationship with the rising star, Cain’s got a problem even Sarah Palin couldn’t lie her way out of.  Because to believe Herman Cain, we have to believe everybody lied . . . everybody except him (see photos here).

Anonymous accuser:  She filed a sexual harassment claim against Herman Cain while he headed up the National Restaurant Association. She was paid $35,000 under a confidentiality agreement to quietly go away.  But she’s lying now.

Karen Kraushaar:  She filed a sexual harassment suit against Herman Cain while he was head of the National Restaurant Association.  The NRA paid her $46,000 under a confidentiality agreement to squelch the potential Cain scandal.  But she’s lying now.

Anonymous accuser:  She claimed that Herman Cain made sexually suggestive remarks and gestures, and that he invited her to his corporate apartment.  Her description of his behavior was “aggressive and inappropriate.”  But she’s lying now.

Sharon Bialek: She claims that Herman Cain, under the guise of helping her get a job, put his hand under her dress and attempted to initiate oral sex.  She told her boyfriend at the time, told a friend, and then she dropped it.  But she’s lying now.

Sharon Bialek’s boyfriend at the time of the alleged sexual assault, Victor Zuckerman:  He publicly corroborated Ms. Bialek’s story.  But he’s lying now.

Gloria Allred, the high-profile attorney hired by Sharon Bialek to represent her when she went public:  She stood by Ms. Bialek, heard her story, and believed her – and despite the fact that Ms. Allred’s resume reads like a Who’s Who of “nailing the liars,” she’s lying now.

Ginger White:  She recently came forward and stated unequivocally that she had been involved in a sexual affair with Herman Cain for 13 years – that she’d travelled with him, received gifts from him, and that he’d given her money.  Her cell phone records bear out a relationship, and he has admitted knowing her and giving her money for rent, car payments and household bills.  But she’s lying now.

Politico investigated and broke the story.  It must be lying too, part of the grand Democratic plan to derail the “Cain Train.”

Steve Deace, a conservative Iowa radio talk show host:  He said that in recent months Cain, while at the studio, behaved in a way that was “professionally awkward if not inappropriate” with his female staff. But, even though Deace has no dog in the fight, he’s lying now.

The media:  Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris and others trying to prop up this failing candidate have claimed the media is culpable in jacking up the volume on the Herman Cain scandal.  Reporters at well-established, well-respected entities have been accused of irresponsible reporting.  The media’s lying too.

Gloria Cain:  On Fox News, Mrs. Cain tried to sell the notion to Greta van Susteren that her husband is an “old school” respecter and protector of women and that his accusers are all lying.

I think we know who’s lying now.

The happy couple . . . .