John McCain Supports A Corporate Tax Holiday So Corporations Can Buy More Private Jets And Yachts

Last Tuesday at the Reuters Washington Summit, John McCain made the case for enacting another corporation tax holiday. The only problem? Jobs aren’t part of it.

Instead of working on creating jobs for struggling Americans, John McCain would rather fight for a corporate tax holiday so that corporations can use the money to buy more pricey private jets and yachts, and he thinks that somehow the money they spend is supposed to trickle down and help the rest of us.

”If you brought $1.5 trillion back to the United States of America, it’s bound to have some positive effect somewhere. I don’t see how it would not. Even if they buy more yachts and corporate jets and all that, it’s bound to have some effect.”

Isn’t it amazing how after 30 years of failure, Republicans still believe that trickle down works? Income inequality has reached Gilded Age levels and a record number of Americans live in poverty. Yet, John McCain and the GOP believe that a corporate tax holiday will be enough to convince corporations to create new jobs. The last time we gave corporations a tax holiday, they didn’t use any of the repatriated cash to create one single damn job. Instead they gambled with it, bought themselves a bunch of lavish items, outsourced more jobs, and then sent even more money overseas to hide in anticipation of the next tax holiday so that they can do the same crap all over again.

Simply stated, we’ve been there, done that, and it failed. If anything, the US Government should seize that corporate cash and put it to use creating jobs, improving our infrastructure, and providing health care for our citizens. It’s clear that corporations will never create jobs for Americans. They will never help rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. And they will never agree to pay their fair share of taxes. They will only use their trillions to selfishly help themselves. America does not need more corporate jets and yachts. They are luxury items that do not create jobs. Republicans are fighting for corporate greed while men, women, and children are freezing and starving in the streets. John McCain and the corporate sponsored GOP should be ashamed to call themselves Americans.