Cain Calling Names is Exactly What GOP Voters Want to Hear

Can the Republican lineup really get any sadder?

Sure Perry’s jaw-dropping ooops is going to steal the show, and it probably should.  There hasn’t been a more epic moment of failure in a televised presidential debate since 1960.

Had it not been for Perry’s Dumb and Dumber moment, surely Herman Cain’s name calling of Rep. Nancy Pelosi or Mitt Romney’s answer for why people call him a flip flopper would be center stage. For me, though, Cain’s name calling is the highlight of the debate (or low-light depending on how you look at it).

Calling Nancy Pelosi “Princess Nancy” is exactly what the GOP base loves.  They love this sort of childish name calling almost more than they love talking about small government and slashing deficits (And talk about it is all they have ever done).  This sort of campaign rhetoric is exactly what the base wants, and it’s exactly how Cain can keep climbing in the polls and distract Republican voters away from his many sexual harassment scandals taking place.

One of Rick Perry’s greatest days with Republican voters is when he questioned Obama’s birth certificate and his college transcripts.  This sort of conspiracy theory mud slinging is what Republican voters are all about.  They really love this stuff.  Remember when Trump was the frontrunner?  His whole existence was based on his Truth Seeking Mission to prove Obama had a fake birth certificate.  Republicans couldn’t get enough of it!

What made Republicans so furious with John McCain was not that he wasn’t right wing enough, it’s that he refused to question Obama’s birth certificate, refused to call him un-American and refused to say he was friends with terrorists.

Likewise, Sarah Palin’s greatest hits soundtrack is when she said Obama was “palling around with terrorists.”  That’s the stuff they want to hear.  She’s a pro at saying the things Republicans truly want to hear.  That’s how you get Republican votes.  Don’t forget to mix in a jab about how Reagan shrunk government, cut spending and restored America.  And don’t forget to mention how Iraq had something to do with 9/11 and how George Bush killed bin Laden and you’ll have nary a problem with getting Republican votes.  It’s all about catering to the stupidest, most idiotic conspiracy theories mixed in with complete fantasy talk about things Reagan never did.

Too bad for Cain, though, after the debate he did say calling Pelosi names was something he should not have done.  But, hey, this is Cain’s first run for public office ever.  He’ll learn that you don’t have to apologize for living in the Republican Fantasy World.  You dig in deeper with even crazier stuff like numberless budgets, how God has chosen you for this very moment, or how anyone who doesn’t vote Republican is a islamofascistterroristliberal and hates America.