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Can’t Find A Job? It Might Be That Cushy Unemployment ‘Lifestyle’

Unemployment benefits in Tennessee average about $285 a week, which over a month, equals rent and some food. Forget ‘extras’ like phone and internet, which could be required to find a job. And if you’re unemployed you’d better not even think about getting sick because insurance and the medical care are just luxuries you can’t afford.

Well, unemployed, it’s time for your lap of luxury to stand up, at least according to Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor, Ron Ramsey (R).

From Think Progress:

Ramsey, during his “Red Tape Road Trip” luncheon highlighting government’s negative effect on business, said he’s been getting an earful from employers about people opting for an unemployment check rather than seeking a job when the state’s jobless rate remains well above 9 percent.

He cited a trucking company that wants but can’t find drivers and a heating and cooling firm with unfilled technician positions.

When does it become a benefit and when does it become a lifestyle?” Ramsey, R-Blountville, asked of the current unemployment compensation system. […] Beneficiaries aren’t pressed hard enough to look for work, Ramsey said.

Nationally, there are four times more unemployed than there are jobs. Unemployment benefits spur economic growth. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that for every dollar that is spent on unemployment benefits, as much as $1.90 is pumped back into the economy. Since our economy is driven by supply and demand, the unemployed, as ironic as it sounds, are job creators. On the other hand, giving more money to the wealthy will have little impact on spending and economic growth.