Comparing Super Committee Plans: Dem Plan Raises More Revenue and Slashes Deficit More

Let me preface this by saying this whole Super Committee is about as worthless as any government effort has ever been (and that’s saying a lot). As I’ve said all along (here, here and here) it’s total junk. It was only created as a cover for Republicans so they could vote to raise the federal debt ceiling, which they always giddily did when they were in power.

Keep in mind, this had never been done before. No presidential administration in the history of America has ever been scrutinized so much when it comes to spending; and certainly no administration has ever been held so accountable for past administration’s spending in order for government to continue operating. When Ronald Reagan tripled the federal debt, the GOP, or congress for that matter, never even mentioned a Super Committee to deal with the debt he had accumulated. When George W. Bush doubled the national debt, he too was never held accountable to a Super Committee designed to make sure his spending binges were adequately financed. Heck, ever even mentioning the notion that George Bush just might need a check on power, or that he might be growing government too big was to have all of Hate Radio and the MSM come down on you with thunderous calls of being a Not Very Serious Person.

Alas those days are long gone. Now that a Democrat is in charge and has added only $1.4 trillion to the $14 trillion mountain of debt, America must be forced to be regulated by a Super Committee or face yet another round of Russian Roulette via government-shutdown style.

So you would think, after all the GOP talk about reducing the debt and slashing the deficit that they would at least step up to the plate and offer a plan that mimics their Fox News rhetoric. It would only be a reasonable assumption to reach. However, the hippie, tree hugging, government growing, liberal America hater’s plan, yet again, reduces the deficit more without the unnecessary draconian cuts to social programs than does the Very Serious, God Fearing, Fiscal Conservatives who claim as their mantra to be fiscally responsible, small government loving patriots.

Time after time this is the case. The people who are labeled by the MSM as being Big Government, tax and spend liberals, are routinely offering plans that are completely paid for, deficit neutral, or cut more from the deficit than does any Republican alternative, yet the story is never told this way. All because the GOP keeps insisting not to ever raise taxes, or generate a single penny from new tax revenue, it has become some sort of Liberty-Loving folklore even if that folklore is as inaccurate as Paul Bunyan.

But the facts are, $11 trillion of the national debt comes from past Republican administrations. To insist that this administration, all because the GOP has some new found love of slashing deficits…now that they are out of power of course, be held responsible for past Republican fiscal recklessness is neither prudent nor sane, especially while we are in the midst of a very fragile recovery. In fact, it’s a farce of history to even begin to assume such nonsense.

I’m not trying to say the Democratic Super Committee plan is made of gold and should be adopted right away. It’s not. It’s junk too. Just not as big of a pile of dog crap as the Republican plan, only way more effective at doing what the committee was designed to do: cut deficits and get us out of this mess. If that’s not better fiscal prudence then nothing is.

Edited by Wendy Gittleson