Open letter to Law Enforcement

I think that this point should be brought up.

Back in late 2010 when Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his cronies in other states  worked to strip police officers their right to bargain.  The protesters were there defending you.

We marched, sang chants and held signs giving praise to the men and women in blue.  We stood in solidarity with law enforcement. We stood in the snow, wind and rain for them.

Now that the protesters are fighting for everyone, the situation has changed. Now the men and women in blue (exception Baltimore) are helping the very same people who work hard to strip their rights are now helping them to strip ours.

They are concreting our “free speech zones”.  Despite the fact that the whole country is a free speech zone. They are beating and macing unarmed, untrained peaceful protesters. They did this indiscriminately. These protesters have no helmets, no pepper spray or stun guns or any means to provoke a threat nor to protect themselves.

They are giving permission to march then trapped and arrested. They have constantly violated our civil and Constitutional rights, even though we fought to protect their rights!

The police in Oakland, even went as far as joyfully cracking a 24 year-old Marine veteran Scott Olsen’s skull open and leaving him for dead. The cops fired twice at the protesters trying to remove the victim from the scene.

The beautiful thing about OWS is the amount of forgiveness they extended to the officers.  They never turned violent toward them. The people themselves are from all walks of life, black, white, men, women, old, young, rich and poor. All converged to exercise our right to freedom of assembly.  All rights must be preserved by all or enjoyed by none.

Why is that cops are so willing to protect the very people who betray them? Is your paid police detail that important to you that you must hurt an unarmed person? With this in mind, law enforcement, to me, seems a little ungrateful.