Right Wing Scribes Blame Occupy Wall St. for Violence That it Didn’t Commit

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It has been a few weeks since my last post, so I thought that I would start this week off with a quick note regarding some typical ass-hattery coming out of the professional Right.

In common fashion, the Right wing media hounds over at @Newsbusters simply cannot relay a “news” story without tossing in some foolhardy, unintelligible commentating regarding some subversively negative “effect” liberals have on public safety.

Citing a recent weekend New York Post article (yet another questionable Murdoch publication), Newsbusters.org contributor Noel Sheppard suggests that – somehow – Occupy Wall Street (#OWS) protesters are inadvertently responsible for the recent shooting deaths throughout New York City.

The crimes in question, however, were nowhere near, around or related in any way whatsoever to the #OWS activities in the city.

New York Post: “Four high-ranking cops point the finger at Occupy Wall Street protesters, saying their rallies pull special crime-fighting units away from the hot zones where they’re needed. Since Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, the NYPD has relied heavily on its borough task forces, the department’s go-to teams for rowdy crowds. But such protest duty takes the special units away from their regular jobs — patrolling public housing and problem spots and staking out nightclubs plagued by violence, supervisors said.”

Notice that there was no mention of other “high-ranking cops” who allegedly committed unprovoked acts of violence against peaceful protesters (video below).

To the NYPD’s credit, they have one of the toughest, most dangerous and grueling jobs in the country. My hat tips to them. And as far as I am concerned, their time would be better spent doing that job while given the proper tools, training and resources best suited to their needs as well as those of the communities for which they serve.

But, as seen through the rationale of, well, irrationality, New York’s finest are supposedly dispensable enough to be rendered useless; escorting and reprimanding all those lazy-yet-violent, radical-yet-systematic hippie scum from “Occupying” that they can’t be out in the really, really bad neighborhoods fighting crime. Or something.

According to Sheppard, “there have been serious human consequences to these protests in America’s most-populated city” while “Tea Party rallies around the country were so peaceful that police departments had to allocate far fewer resources to monitor them.”

Oh, really? Scores of publicly-funded police men and women being requested at the behest of “the 1%” to clamp down on non-violent, well-within-their-rights demonstrators while leaving other areas of the city without legal enforcement is somehow the fault of the protesters themselves?

Meanwhile, Sheppard largely (or, rather, completely) ignores the Tea Party’s famed violent rhetoric concerning gun control, religious persecution and ethnic cleansing (example, example, example.)

The NYPD is, unfortunately, once again being utilized by the corporate classes to protect what they regard as assets rather than protecting the rights of the people who are practicing civil, non-violent disobedience in order to speak truth to power.

So well done, Mr. Sheppard. You have added yet another notch for Newsbusters.org in its crusade against reason and accountability.

– Joe Ascanio

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