Occupy the Professional Left!

When two esteemed and respected journalists members of the Professional Left decided to make a fashion statement foray amongst the protesters on Wall Street recently, they were surprised at the reception they received. They were served with a healthy helping of hot home truths, and – like all of their ilk – they turned and fled.

Here’s the video:

You don’t get two bigger mouths (or asses) than Dylan Ratigan and Cenk Uygur. When Ratigan cockily remarked to a protester that he was putting all his resources into getting a Constitutional Amendment passed that would make Election Day a public holiday, he got handed his corporate ass by the man whom Ratigan thought his celebrity would impress.

No, it didn’t. The protester called him out for the liar that he was. What annoyed Ratigan was the fact that the protester said what he said when Ratigan’s cameras were rolling. Bad thing to have such a strident voice for the Professional Left called out for the hypocrite that he is.

And notice former corporate lawyer and recent Republican convert Cenk Uygur – you know, the one who calls the President a moron. Cenk just “happens” to be there, decked out in his Young Turks tee-shirt, obviously advertising his new show on Current. Cenk’s the one, who – when the gentleman’s protest was getting too loud – condescendingly pursed his lips and shushed him, in such a way as an adult might shush a child or a pet.

The protester refused to give an inch, ending by telling Cenk and Ratigan in no uncertain terms that when they entered a public place and started spouting lies, they should be expected to have those lies refuted. Publically.

So in the spirit of the “Occupy” movement that’s sweeping the country at the moment, and in view of the fact that no less than Politico has recognised that supporters of the President are joining forces to push back and push back hard against the lying rhetoric and undermining agenda of the so-called Professional Left, I am calling all Obamabots to unite and …


We might be a “ragtag army” of unpaid bloggers, but the only differences between us and the Profesional Left is that they get paid six or seven-figure salaries to undermine and lie, and we are doing what we do, unpaid, in order to propagate the truth about this Administration. There’s certainly no educational differences between us and them. They’re just fortunate enough to have a well-paid television or radio gig and a bigger pulpit.

But we have the means of pulling that pulpit down and exposing them for the frauds that they are.

For example, ever notice how these trendy-wendies always show up when they have something of their own ego or agenda to spin?

Uygur is plugging his show, newly relocated to Current. Olbermann is desperately trying to up his viewing figures, down from a million or so on MSNBC to 46,000 nightly on Current. Bill Maher showed up at Occupy DC this weekend to plug his new book and to remind everyone there that he was performing stand-up at GWU that night. Michael Moore has a new book he’s selling.

And Joan Walsh is simply trying to stay relevant, whilst hiding the sheets in the closet.

Look, they lie. We know they do, and furthermore, they’re afraid of us – otherwise, more people than the sad and insecure bullies, Walsh and Greenwald, would have spoken out against the army of Obots they think just may have a point.

The truth is, they’re missing the love and adulation. They miss people telling them that “they” are speaking for many who cannot. They got all that tripe handed to them on a plate during the Bush years as a rallying point; and if they’d truly understood how the political system worked, they would still have a formidable following amongst the real Progressives, those of us who are pragmatic and use common sense and critical thinking.

You see, they want the President to fail as much as the Teabaggers do, because then we’d have to use them as a rallying point again (they think), and we’d forget all the crap they sowed which enabled the opposition and get behind them as “Dear Leaders,” again.

I had that shit sussed the day I read Joan Walsh say on Twitter to someone who didn’t know any better that the person shouldn’t read any of the pragmatic blogs, just read what she wrote.

Well, she writes about our “half-white corporatist centrist President.” As a Facebook friend of mine remarked, take away the “centrist” bit, and this is something Ann Coulter could easily say. Ironic, isn’t it, that Joan’s bumchum Gene Lyons compares Melissa Harris Perry to Coulter when it’s really Joan who captures Ann’s sour countenance and acidic wit so unintentionally well?

Gee, I wonder if Ann’s Irish?

We know they fear us, because none of them can abide “the little people, dahlink” disagreeing with their point of view, especially publically. What did Dylan and Cenk do? They ran. They turned ass and skedaddled. Like the cowards they are.

These people use Facebook and Twitter to interact with their public and don’t even have the common courtesy to treat any sort of civil disagreement with respect. Walsh and Keith Olbermann quickly revert to ugly ad hominem. So do Greenwald and Sirota. Then when “the little people, dahlink” aren’t cowed, they block them – although many continue to stalk the culprits in a desperate effort to see if they’re saying anything about them at all. Their egos are as big as their self-esteem is small. Either that or their mamas didn’t raise them very well.

So, as far as I’m concerned, the OCCUPY THE PROFESSIONAL LEFT begins now. It’s up to us to continue to refute and expose any and all of their deliberate lies and underminings.

Who’s up for this?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s a little song for Cenk and Dylan to ponder as they scurry like sewage rats along the entrails of Wall Street, being pursued by the words of one lone protester, who wasn’t afraid of speaking the truth to them, even when they’re not … professionally.

(Just to show Joan I’m not anti-Irish, just think of Cenk and Dylan as the British in this song) No coincidence that the song’s about the founder of the Democratic Party either.