Occupy Wall Street Protesters Reportedly Arrested For Closing Their Accounts- Call The CEO

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MoveOn.org posted pictures of the arrests

Security locked Citibank customers inside as they arrested 23 #OccupyWallStreet protesters for attempting to close their bank accounts during a mass public action this afternoon. Watch the live stream as protesters march on Times Square at 3:00pm on Saturday.



As the police load protesters into the wagons, the crowd gathered around chanting, “Let them go!” Reports estimate about 1,000 protesters marched to Citibank during the public demonstration.Update 1:57 Pacific Time

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed the arrests. According to their report, 24 people were arrested. The protesters who tried to close their accounts were asked to leave by CitiBank and when they refused, they were arrested for trespassing. Some were arrested outside the bank for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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New York Daily News Reports –

12:17 PMMeena HartensteinTo those of you hearing reports of a standoff and arrests at Chase Bank at Astor Place, our photographer on the scene says about 40 protesters talked about getting arrested and had a brief sit-in before getting up at the last second and avoiding arrest.

Read more: http://live.nydailynews.com/Event/Occupy_Wall_Street_Showdown_at_Zuccotti_Park#ixzz1asnDWrG6Update:

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I attempted to call New York’s 6th Precinct and was disconnected. Statements are apparently not available at this time.

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Details are still unknown, but initial reports on the Occupy Wall Street Livestream are that people are being detained inside a CitiBank branch and some are being arrested for trying to close their accounts.

According to one unnamed source:

“About 16 arrests are happening right now at the Citibank at 555 LaGuardia in the Village, including 2 individuals who went into the bank, closed their accounts as an act of protest (as many people are doing today). They left the bank after doing their business (closing the accts) and, as I understand it, were approached by pulled undercover officers and pulled back into the bank to be arrested with other protesters (who had also apparently tried to leave when asked to by bank employees, but found that they were locked in. Organizers are trying to get more people to the site.”

Gawker has posted the phone numbers and email address of CitiGroup CEO, Vikram Pandit. Pandit was not available for comment.

More details, pictures and video will be posted as they become available.