You Might Be Living In A Plutocracy If:

By the time the first corporate logo gets put on the American Flag, it's already too late.

Let’s face it: There’s something very wrong with our country. The interests of the rich take precedence over everything.  There are many warning signs that our democracy is being replaced by a system where we serve at the pleasure of the rich. Here’s a few to keep an eye out for:

You might be living in an Plutocracy if:

1. The corporate overlords can convince their puppets that abortion and gay marriage are THE most important issues of the day.

2. Instead of a waiter putting pepper on your food, the police put it in your eyes.

3. In the shadow of Freedom Tower, you don’t have the freedom to protest.

4. Disrupting traffic gets you arrested; disrupting Wall St. gets you hospitalized.

5. Yelling at the President and threatening armed revolution gets you respect from the media, yelling at bankers and threatening peaceful protests means you’re a clear and present danger to the country.

6. Banging on a drum gets you banged on the head.

7. In the loudest, most crowded city in America, using a bullhorn during a political protest is illegal.

8. A crowd of angry old white people carrying guns represent the “Real” America but a crowd of every race, creed and color is “just a bunch of thugs.”

9. The media rushes to cover every protest, no matter how small, that pushes the corporate agenda but thousands of protesters against the corporate agenda is hardly worth a mention.

10. A cop pepper spraying immobilized women is not only not immediately fired but found to have acted “appropriately.”

11. The entire country knows about protests in the Middle East the day after they start but people living 15 minutes away from protests going on for three weeks in the heart of Manhattan haven’t heard a thing.

12. One of the largest, most respected American newspapers in the world alters their reporting to absolve the clearly-at-fault police of any wrongdoing and blame the protesters instead.

13. A major political party is dedicated to the richest 1% of the country as they rob the country blind.

14. That same major political party has a major news network devoted to 24/7 propaganda.

15. That same major news network has almost 50% of the country convinced to support the richest 1%.

16. Almost 50% of the country is now politically brain damaged.

If only we could spay and neuter them...

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