Mitt Romney Said ‘Abortions Should Be Safe And Legal’

Tea Party Republican candidate Mitt Romney says abortions should be safe and legal in this 1994 video:

I could not agree more. He also says he was once an independent and he is not following Reagan or Bush. Really good for him!

And as a lifelong women’s rights activist he got me fully and completely when he says “If we are going to compete as a nation we got to draw upon the skills of women and help them break the glass ceiling.”

But then I watched his many other debates and interviews after this one. Oh, Mitt, I don’t even know who you are anymore, from 1994 to 2011 you have flipped flopped on almost every issue that my head is dizzy from trying to figure out what do you actually stand for.

More puzzling is that you denounce your accomplishments, your successes during your tenure as the Governor of Massachusetts; one example is your infamous Romneycare, although you do not brag about it, but it actually works.

The plan remains exceptionally popular among state residents. 98.1 percent of Massachusetts residents had health insurance in 2010, highest number of insured in any state of the union. Premium costs have gone down. Businesses are doing fine and the cost to State has been manageable.

It is a sad state of affairs when politicians have to back up from their own accomplishments that actually benefited their constituency while trying to appease a group of hardliners like Tea Party that hijacked their party’s ideals.

I am not sure where the Tea Party is going, but with their gleeful cheering of an uninsured man dying because of not having healthcare to rapturous clapping of Texas State’s executions; it does not look like an amorous road ahead.

Edited by Wendy Gittleson