You Cannot Negotiate With Crazy People And Conservatives Are Way Off The Deep End.

It’s no secret that a warped vision of Christianity has infested the Right Wing of our political system. It’s been going on for decades and has reached its crescendo in the candidacies of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, two people whose only qualification for running is that they are deeply committed to that distortion of Christianity known as “The Religious Right.” Neither are particularly intelligent or learned. Neither has a successful career as a legislator. Bachmann has not had a single bill she has authored made into law and Texas is doing worse under Perry than it did under Bush. This is a neat trick.

Also, it’s on fire.

But they don’t have to good at their jobs as politicians as long as they are “Good with God!”

And this is where Obama as the Anti-Christ comes in. Even before he was elected, he was spoken of in negative religious overtones:

That ad was a dog whistle for the conservatives who are convinced they are living in the end times. “Obama is the One” and they certainly didn’t mean Jesus. Unfortunately, the deep recession and slow recovery has fed this movement and it’s grown considerably in the last few years.

This is why there can be no negotiation with the Right. I’ve said this many time before: How can you deal in good faith with someone who thinks you are the literal embodiment of evil? Conservatives do not think we mistakenly harming the country, they think liberals are literally plotting the destruction of America and the enslavement of all “real” Americans in concentration camps.

They really do think Obama is the Anti-Christ:

My respect for the Secret Service, which was already pretty hefty, currently knows no bounds. That Obama hasn’t even been shot at yet, much less killed, is a testament to their skill.

But back on point, this is the kind of crazy that is the Republican base. This is the reason the country is still in shambles. They have fought harder against Obama then any other President in history. Why? Because he’s “evil.” Never mind that his economic policies are Centrist, at best, and he’s waged harder and more effective war on our actual enemies in three years than the previous administration did in eight. None of that matters. He’s the Anti-Christ and must be stopped at all costs, even if the GOP under the control of the Religious Right has to destroy America to do it.

I would love to be wrong about this. I would be thrilled if it turns out I am over-reacting. I would be supremely happy to be convinced otherwise. Good luck with that. You’ve got your work cut out for you. There’s a dog loose in the wood. And it’s rabid.

Bad doggie! Stop voting Republican!

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