Rush Limbaugh: Compassion ‘Most Disastrous’ Word

I seem to remember a time, not that long ago, when conservatives tried to convince us that they were nice people. In fact, just over a decade ago, our last President ran with the motto “Compassionate Conservatism.” Even then, it sort of felt like a ruse, but he had such a convincing way of telling us that “No Child Left Behind” really was about the children or that his “Faith Based Initiatives” weren’t just a way of bringing us one step closer to a theocracy.

Well, the veil has been lifted. Earlier this month, a conservative debate audience cheered the death penalty.

A week later, a debate crowd cheers the idea that society should let an uninsured man die.

The next week? They boo a soldier serving in Iraq because he dared ask about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Just when you think the last possible shoe has dropped from the party of mean, it gets even worse. On today’s show, Rush Limbaugh, the de facto leader of the Republican party, declared a single word to have “had the most disastrous effect on the advancement of everybody in this culture.” That word, the one so freely embraced by his party just a decade ago, is the word ‘compassion.’

He goes on to say, “The crap that’s been done in the name of compassion in this country has robbed people of their dignity, of their chance, of their opportunity at their own greatness in using their own ambition and desire.”

It sounds just like something Jesus might have said, right Rush?