Is Bill O’Reilly Jealous Of Sean Hannity? Fox CEO Speaks

Bill O'Reilly jealous of Sean Hannity

Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Image from

Is Bill O’Reilly Jealous Of Sean Hannity?

It’s well known that Bill is disliked among the liberal community, but Roger Ailes (Fox News Corporation, CEO) spoke out about O’Reilly in a recent interview with Newsweek. He stated that Bill is jealous of Sean Hannity’s radio success, and that is one reason for the now-confirmed animosity between the two. So, the question has to be asked — is Bill O’Reilly jealous of Sean Hannity?

Bill has, albeit subtly, insulted Sean Hannity several times in the past. While interviewing Alan Colmes about the situation in Libya (March, 2011) Bill retorted to a question with the following juvenile statement: “This isn’t Hannity and Colmes. Remember, you used to do that show? This is The Factor. You’re telling people what they already know!” He apologized later, of course, to save face.

Another slam came during a September (2010) interview on Shepard Smith, when he said, “I think she is being managed within an inch of her life. I think she’s got handlers in there that are only putting her in friendly programs.” That was about Christine O’Donnell, and was presumably because she appeared with Hannity but refused to go on The O’Reilly Factor.

O’Reilly made an appearance on the Don Imus show on Tuesday, during which he was asked to remark on Ailes’ comments. He laughed it off, along with another comment by Roger Ailes that he is “scared by Glenn Beck.” In response to his (Ailes) comment about hating Hannity, O’Reilly responded, “Oh, that’s absolutely true…but I hate everybody!”
I can accept that Bill hates the majority- but I don’t think Hannity fits into his usual demographic. After all, he’s rich and white. Jealousy is, indeed, a major factor here.

His response to allegedly being scared of Glenn Beck was, “Roger loves to be a provocateur. Why would I have Glenn Beck on my show every Friday and go out on the road with him if I was frightened of him?”

Okay, Bill. Whatever helps you sleep at night.