Herman Cain Blasts House Republicans, Says They Should ‘Stop Playing With Peoples’ Tragedies’

Only a couple days after winning the Florida straw poll in a landslide, Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain blasted House Republicans on CNN this morning for playing political games with disaster relief funds.

CAIN: I would make sure that FEMA got the money it needed, and if I had to go find the offsets later, go find it later. Stop playing with peoples’ tragedies — these are real people we’re talking about.

HOST: So you’re saying, right now we should just fund FEMA and forget about the offsetting spending cuts, and maybe later, if we find them, then go back and get the deal done that way.

CAIN: Yes, we’re going to have to have a gentleman’s agreement that we will find the offsets, rather than finding the offsets right in the middle of it and making it a political football.

Here’s the video:

Cain also believes that House Republicans have chosen to fight the wrong battle by withholding this crucial funding that disaster victims desperately need. “I would not make this a battleground, Cain said. “This is one that I would basically try to, you know, fall on my sword for — go ahead and do what’s right for the people.” Congressional Republicans “should put politics aside” and pass disaster relief funds because “people should not have to suffer because of the political bickering.”

When Herman Cain criticizes House Republicans for playing games with peoples’ lives, you know they’ve gone too far. All House Republicans had to do was pass the original bill approved by the Senate and we wouldn’t be going through this mess. House Republicans are showing just how out of touch and heartless they really are. They don’t care about the American people. They only care about hurting as many people as possible. And that itself, is a disaster. Congress will be in session today to try again.