Wisconsin Wire: Locks Closed During Walker Croquet Event, Floatilla and Balloons Stalled

It seems Scott Walker cannot do anything without people holding him accountable. He goes out to eat and gets booed out of the restaurant. He holds an event at the mansion and there are always protesters and a Floatilla. Last night was no exception. There was a luxurious event held at the Governor’s Mansion to try to raise money to renovate it or something like that. In all actuality the event was probably provided on the taxpayers dime. As usual a floatilla was organized, however this time it was a bit different. The locks were closed.

According to a conversation with Darren Marsh, Director of Dane County Parks, the Tenney Locks were closed due to an issue with seasonal staff. He claims he had no knowledge of the locks being closed until after the event. He also stated he had no idea that Scott Walker was holding an event at the mansion and that in no way was it an attempt to prevent boats from going through. However they were. The locks were supposed to be open until 7PM according to the signs posted. However yesterday, out of all days, they are not open nearly as long as they are supposed to be.  I am sorry, it does not pass the sniff test. The statement by Marsh expects us to believe that all of a sudden they became short on staff at exactly the same time the event was starting? I find it disgraceful they would close the locks to keep out a boat and a bunch of balloons.  Perhaps an open records request for communications between Marsh and Walker is in order.


Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

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Edited by Wendy Gittleson