Stormfront Supports Ron Paul — What Does That Mean?

stormfront supports Ron paul

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

Stormfront Supports Ron Paul

On August 17th, 2011, another esteemed author at Addicting Info published an article entitled, “Is Ron Paul A White Supremacist? Absolutely!

Part of that article covered a website called, a so-called “white nationalist” group of forums. Well, stormfront thought that it’d be appropriate to call attention to Addicting Info for attacking Ron Paul. In fact, they decided to create a thread about it, “Addicting Info calls Ron Paul a White Supremacist.”

The poster of the thread, whose username on the site is TimeForTruth, said the following: “Another attack on Ron Paul’s campaign…” followed by a link to the article on this site.

Wow…if we ever needed validation, the defense of Ron Paul by this site (after the article)  would certainly provide it in this case. For those of you who don’t know, “white nationalism” is separated in two overlapping sections: separatists and white supremacists. Separatists hold the ridiculous belief that whites should secede and have their own country. Supremacists use things like social Darwinism to assert their superiority over other races. I believe that both of these groups are equally racist, and the endorsement of right-wing nutjobs like David Duke, accomplished anti-Semite and open racist, by this site make it even scarier that they are supporting (and donating, if you didn’t read the other article) to someone with a serious bid for the White House.

I found it quite funny that a racist website was defending Ron Paul’s racism. In fact, I decided to join the website under the username damu10510 in order to access member-only sections, such as user history. After being accepted, I did a few minutes of quick research on the original poster, TimeForTruth. Here are a couple quick quotes by him:

On a post about males wearing eyeliner, he states, “I think it’s true that Zionist owned advertisers are trying to target this stuff towards young White males in an attempt to increase race-mixing. Some kids or teens may act like they’re going to listen to their parents about something until they become 18, unless you explain to them the consequences of why they shouldn’t do certain things (drugs, race-mixing, going into high-crime neighborhoods, and so on).”

On a post entitled, “White Pride Denied:” “Only Whites are taught to believe that people of their race have the norm on/cause most of the racism within the countries they reside. When anti’s [anti-whites] hear any White person openly talking about race then they’re quick to assume that we’re racists (a.k.a. attacking the messenger) rather than questioning us (as to why we think the way we do).”

I think it’s safe to assume that the writer of these statements is an open anti-Semitic racist. The majority of the things I read by him were about race mixing or “the Zionist agenda.” In case he reads this, and I hope he does, I’d like to say that it is actually improper English to capitalize “white” unless it is a proper noun. Doing so repeatedly gives a distinctive undertone of racism. Not only that, but saying that the wearing of eyeliner by males (actually popular through the music industry) is caused by “Zionists attempting to mix races” is a huge piece of cerebral excrement.

Addicting Info did, indeed, assert that Ron Paul is a racist pig. And now the membership of has gone ahead and validated that opinion, without even being asked! How nice. For those of you who don’t know, Ron Paul accepted donations from them, and other organizations like them. Most politicians would avoid any association whatsoever with radical groups such as those. If you’d like the full story, go check out the article mentioned above.