House Republicans Reject Tax Cuts For Middle Class Americans Despite Saying They Want Lower Taxes

House Republicans have rejected lower taxes for the middle class. In a memo to their caucus, GOP leaders Boehner and Cantor shot down the payroll tax cut proposed by President Obama in his American Jobs Act.

“There may be significant unforeseen downsides to large temporary tax cuts immediately followed by large tax increases. Compounding this negative effect is the scheduled increase in all individual tax rates, capital gain and dividend rates, and the elimination/reduction of various individual credits and deductions. In short, we are creating significant new uncertainty in an already uncertain economy.??? House Republicans are supportive of tax relief for working families and small businesses, but the temporary relief proposed by the President must not cause unforeseen harm to the economy 15 months from now and it shouldn’t be offset with permanent tax increases; and it shouldn’t come at the expense of the nation’s charities.”

Translation? “We hate the middle class and refuse to help them before we help the wealthy who we feel are suffering more.”

Republicans rejected the one tax cut that can actually give some financial relief to middle class Americans. A payroll tax cut almost exclusively benefits middle class and poor Americans because it puts immediate cash back in their wallets which they spend on things they need the money for such as bills, food, etc… The payroll tax is used to fund Social Security and only applies to the first $100,000 of income. Payroll tax cuts are also a proven way to stimulate the economy.

It’s pretty clear that Republicans are only rejecting this cut because they want to continue strangling the economy in their effort to make President Obama fail. Republicans are always talking big about the need to cut taxes, but when the President says let’s cut taxes for the middle class, they immediately reject the idea. That’s because they KNOW how much this tax cut would help the American people and the economy. They just don’t give a damn about anyone who makes $100,000 or less.

Edited by Wendy Gittleson