Rick Perry Just Executed a Man for Another Man’s Crime

Rick Perry just executed a man for two murders that the state of Texas admits were committed by somebody else. Steven Michael Woods did not kill anybody and was not even in the building where the murders occurred, but because he was in the car outside the building, the state of Texas convicted him of murder.

Don’t take my word for it.  Google the name Steven Michael Woods.  Research this for yourself. Learn all the details.  Please.

Another man, Marcus Rhodes, admitted committing the grisly murders and that Steven Michael Woods was not even present in the building where the murders happened. Rhodes, the actual killer, received life in prison.

Despite repeated pleas to halt the execution, Rick Perry allowed Woods to die by lethal injection. After all, Perry has a presidential campaign to run. He can’t be bothered by trivial details like the guilt or innocence of the people he executes.

This is Rick Perry’s idea of Texas justice.   The Tea Party will no doubt give Perry an extra round of applause at the next Presidential debate.

Why isn’t this the number one story in the national news?